Baby Indian

Baby India is a timeline for pregnant woman or new moms who can add their daily activities/events to their journey of motherwood. Mothers are also suggested/imformed of the activities they can do based on pregnancy week or the baby's age.

They are continually feeded with the important information they need reagarding baby or their pregnancy. These events later work as a memory lane as well as experience in the future.

The technology stack for the application is Nodejs, ExpressJs written in Typescript (async-await), Angular 2 (Angular-Material) and mongoDB.


testRTC is a testing, monitoring and analytics platform designed and built for the new generation of WebRTC-based communications.

I worked majorly in feature enhancement as well as integration of new feature to the product of the company. Mostly handled all aspects of a feature i.e. from design to api to front end wiring.

Technologies used: Nodejs, Typescript, Mongodb, Anglarjs 1.2

Client: testRTC


Populus is a consultant Agency. Developed a system to interact with its client such as client inventorys, client contracts.

EchoSign API was used for electronic and digital signature solutions.

Technologies used: MeteorJs, MongoDB

Client: Populus | a full service research and strategy consultancy


The system allows managers to set a spend budget, review and decide on requests, and track spend at any given moment on any device.

Integration of digital signature transaction within the system. The third party used for electronic signature was DosuSign other responsibilites were REST APIs.

Technologies used: NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, AngularJs

Client: Vroozi Purchasing Manager


Integrated agent based ticket booking feature in a pre-existing bus ticket booking platform.

Key responsibility was to overall development of the booking system by consuimg API's.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, Jade

Client: CatchThatBus


Exports sites in minutes. These are not ordinary sites but are SEO rich.

This product extensively communicates with Google Adword API in doing so. It lists the trending keywords for a category of the site.

Technologies used: Angular-Material, MeteorJs, MongoDB


Designed and developed full-fledged website for an eatery in Auckland. The project required multiple customizations to fulfill the business requirement of the client.

Technologies used: Wordpress 4.7.2, HTML/CSS